Friday, October 26, 2007

Forgive me its been a while!

I have been a bad blogger. (I bet you have never heard that before) But I'm back with some big big news! I finally got up the nerve to hold a CT call.

And boy was I ever happy I did! How I landed such a talented group I'll never know! But I'm going hold on to them as long as they will let me! Look what they have ALREADY been up to! These ladies don't waste any time! So when you see them out and about posting and struting there stuff make sure you tell them hello!

I have a BRAND new kit in my store. Its called Bloomin. I totally fell in love with these colors while I was working this kit.

Would you like to win this kit for FREE? Its real easy. Just leave me a message and in that message tell me how many different items I have listed at Designing Moments. AND tell me what your favorite thing is. I will be taking messages (entries) Until Monday so hurry. Then I will randomly pick 3 people to get this kit for free. Who knows. I might even give out some other goodies too!

For being such good sports and waiting for me to update here is a nice freebie for you. Its a mixture of my favorite things. Hope you like them too. Just click on the preview to download. Thanks for stopping by. I'll talk to you soon.

:) Rachel

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Sale and a FREEBIE

I know I know I'm late. But I can explain......No not really. But I have some exciting stuff to show you. First off I wanted to let you know about a Store Wide sale I'm having. Everything in my store located at Scrappin Freestyle is 25% off. Even Commerical items. Click on the ad to be taken right to my store. And don't forget to come back and post your LO's with my stuff to be entered to win a FREE custom set of doodles. See last post for more info.

Here are a couple new things I just added to my store today. These are also on sale! Hurry, you wont want to miss this one.

Leaf Me Alone On Sale now for 4.49!!!!

All Tied Up on Sale now for 5.99!!!!

Just for being great blog readers, I have a cool new freebie for you. Thingy One and Thingy Two. (click on preview to download zip) Thats the best name I could come up with. LOL They are cardboard circles with funky fun ribbons hand stapled around the sides. Drop shadow for preview only. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!!!

Rachel :)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

So much News! And Show me YOUR style.

OMGoodness! I have so much news since the last time that I posted. Well first off I didn't get the job. :( :( The lady said that she liked all 3 people that she interviewed and was having such a hard choice that she went with her first choice. (OUCH!) Well any hoot. You are NEVER going to guess.

RACHEL's DESIGNS is now available at Scrappin Freestyle! Yup you heard me. I was accepted to the store and I've already started uploading some awesome things to the store. And while you are ther check out what the other designers have to offer too. Lots and Lots to keep you busy.

To celebrate my Designing Debut I'm holding a contest. Do you like my style? Then show me YOUR style! The deadline for the contest is Friday October 12. So hurry. You wont want to miss out on this one of a kind event! Just post a link to your LO in the comment section. I will pick a random winner out of a hat on Friday Oct 12th at 7pm. Just click on the contest flyer to be taken right to my store.

I will be back first thing Monday morning with a brand new FREEBIE for you. It's something speical!

I can't wait to see your wonderful creations!

Rachel :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Goodies For You!

Well I'm back! I'm still trying to shake the funk. We shall see how today goes. I have an interview for a REAL job today. I'm by no means trying to say that designing is not a REAL job. I just feel I'll never been good enough to call it that. There are some AMAZING designers out there. To even call myself a designer kinda makes me feel silly. Any hoot. Its for a receptionist job. Sounds pretty laid back. It's about 2 minutes from the house. So that's a HUGE plus. I can come home for lunch and start dinner if I need to. So it may not be totally bad. I talked to my mom yesterday and she told me to get my old attitude back and get the job. I'm going to try like I don't know what. I used to be so confidant in everything that I did. Now I find myself second guessing EVERYTHING I do. ACK!

Well here is another FREEBIE. Its a little collection of Glitter Treat Elements. I really adore this kit. It was so much fun to make. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not the spooky part the fun cutesy part.
Well wish me luck. Hopefully the next time I post I'll have a job! Just click on the preview to download the goodies.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Release, A Couple Layouts, A Funk and a FREEBIE

Hello! How the heck are yah? Here is what I have for you today. Silly Sara Ellis has made some AWESOME KICK BUTT CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM Toppings. Can you tell that I liked them? She has 4 sets available and at just $3 each set you would be just silly not to snatch these up. Oh did I mention that they were okay for commercial use too??? Wooooo. You can find them at OAKS and at DigiScrapBoutique.
I finally got around to scrapping a little Friday Night. I couldn't sleep and my son had company so I figured I would make good use of my time. The first one I scrapped was SuperDog. I used Dale Anns New paper pack Indian Summer and one of her super funky frames. They matched so well together. You can find all this and more at her store at OAKS and HODS.
My second one I used Sara Ellis and Dani Engebretson's Fab Collab Royal Chaos. You can find it at OAKS. And the crazy gal in the LO is my daughter Kayla. She's so silly.

I am in such a funk today. I had the best weekend. My sister and the baby along with my best friend came down to spend the night with me on Saturday. It was so good to have them here with me even if it was just for a little while. I didn't want to sleep at all because I knew my time with them would run out too soon. And of course it did. I blinked and it was Sunday afternoon and time for them to leave. I don't know why, but it was soooo hard for me to let them leave. Usually I'm not like that at all. I just miss them so much. It's never effected me like this. I really need my Best Friend here with me. She is the reason I am who I am. And I feel empty without her. Anyways.

Here is what you are all here for the FREEBIE! It was named after my mood. Just click on the image to download it. Hope you all like it. Feel free to add me to whatever freebie lists are going around.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some blabbering and another FREEBIE!

Well its been a couple of days. I've been busy working on some things and I can't wait to share it with you all. First things first. Here is a LO I did for Dale Ann's CT. Its using her Lullaby Lane Collection. Its a super sweet kit. Good for boys and girls. Soft but not too babyish. This of course is my love again. I sure hope you all never get tired of seeing him. We just recently moved over 2 hours away and my heart breaks when I think I can't see him any time I want. So when I do I make sure to take enough pictures to last me until the next time. Here my LO. Please click on the LO to get full credits and to leave some love if you wanna.

Here is a little sneak peek of what I have been working on. I have always been a doodler. I would doodle so much, that I would often 'loose' information that I was writing down to begin with. I doodle while watching TV in the evenings and my kids think I'm super cool because I can 'draw'. Bahahaha....if only I could really draw. But for now I'm perfectly happy with my Doodley Buggers. Here is at Quick Page I have made using the mini kit I just finished.(click on the LO to download it) Hopefully it will be in stores (along with all my other designs SOON). I would love to know what you all think. Hope you like it and enjoy. Make sure to come back and check soon. I'm sure I will have something else for you real soon!

Rachel :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wooohooo! I finished I finished!

Well I finally finished my Glitter Treat Kit I have been working on. And its soooooooooooo big. I had so much fun making it and I learned so much! Now just to find a place to hang it on the wall. LOL Here is a sneak peek.
Here is a new LO I did for one of the wonderful Designers that I CT for. Sara Ellis. I used her new Talkative Talk boarders (see last post for links) This is a picture of my darlin love of my life nephew Ryan.

Please click on the LO to see full credits and leave some love if you wanna. And rest assured you will be seeing MORE LO's with him. Because lets face it he's the cutest little sucker on the planet. (and NO I'm not biased at all) LOL Oh and just in case you are wondering....I'm a horrible speller. If it wasn't for spell check I would look like a Southern Idiot. :) (thank you spell check)

Thanks for all the nice comments that you all have left so far. Who would have thought that this blogging thingy could be so much fun. Another lil tid bit...I'm rarely at a loss for words! LOL Now for a FREEBIE for you reading all the way down here. These are just some little glittery goodies I made. I actually used the flower for my blog topper. Hope you like them. Just click on the picture to download. Have a great day.

Rachel :)